Composition Beyond the Thirds, a workshop with Alan Sarsby

April 1st saw a full workshop for club members, looking at all sorts of aspects of better image composition. Working in groups, led by speaker Alan Sarsby, we worked on introducing a variety of compositional approaches so that one can ‘read’ an image then go on to create one using different advanced techniques.

It was a highly instructive and useful evening, and we gained a great insight into the way that the viewer’s eye can be drawn to the parts of an image that the author wants to be the focus. Both pure mathematics and geometry had their place in the evenings’ workshop, along with practise in analysing a wide selection of images for their emotional and technical impact.

Alan was an amusing and expert speaker, and kept us hard at work.

Here are some words about Alan from his website at :

“I have been a keen photographer since my teenage years; I now have grey hair — you can do the arithmetic yourself. Over the decades, I’ve had a darkroom and processed images in glorious black and white. The magic of seeing an image appear in the developer bath is something one never forgets.
Home darkrooms in the utility room have big challenges: with a young family at the time the washing machine takes absolute priority over everything else in the utility room. Endless dusting, cleaning, and the need to pack everything away after a session meant that I was a very early adopter of digital photographic technology.

“I’m a member of two camera clubs, a former leisure learning tutor for photography at Easton and Otley College in East Anglia, and an East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies approved photographic judge.

“I present talks and workshops for clubs and societies and a frequent speaker to Camera Clubs, Photographic Societies, Women’s Institutes, ProBus Clubs, and Horticultural Societies.

“When I’m not taking photographs, I’m busy writing business books or giving business training “.