Monday 3rd June 2019 – ‘The Better Image Presentation’

Next Monday, Mike Brindle and Jeremy Rodwell will be going through some of the issues associated with preparing entries for club competitions, both print and PDI.

They will discuss the reasons why we need to know about – and make decisions about – colour space, gamut, profiling, resolution and other technicalities which are very important in making our images better. And why it is better to shoot in RAW rather than JPEG if your equipment allows it.

They will be demonstrating how to enter an image through the club website and giving those who have not yet done so an opportunity to try the process for themselves using Mike’s laptop and the Wm Burt Social Club’s internet connection.

At the end of the evening everyone, technically minded or not, should know how to prepare and enter their photographs for a club competition, whether print or projection.

Members do not need to bring any files, photographs, or other gear with them, though a notebook might be useful for jotting down ideas!