Monday 20th May 2019 – ‘Members’ Evening’ – My Kind of Photography

We always know we’re in for an entertaining evening when members present their special take on photography and tonight was definitely an excellent night. Two members took us on completely different journeys with Jeremy Rodwell ARPS leading the way followed by Matt Brooks.

Jeremy explained that his preference is for photographs that feature people but does not restrict himself to posed portraits, preferring to capture candid or more natural images whenever possible. His interest in photojournalism takes him to some interesting places such as a taxidermist’s workshop in Norwich or the back streets of such exotic locations as Paris, London and King’s Lynn. For our benefit, he categorised his images to depict specific themes such as occupations, younger people and street photography. The majority of his images finish up as monochrome to emphasise the tones, shapes and lines without the distraction of colour and he displayed a few images showing both the colour version and the black & white to illustrate his point. Jeremy concluded the introduction to his photography by showing us the panel of ten images that were successful in earning him the Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society some seven years ago and followed this with a brief discussion of his Associateship panel of fifteen images with which he won his ARPS last year. He mentioned the inspiration for his ARPS panel as being Chris Palmer FRPS whose images of detail taken from the stonework in Venice’s island cemetery have to be the best panel he remembers seeing.

After our obligatory refreshment break, Matt introduced us to the beauty and majesty of New Zealand with images from his first visit there with his wife, Kerry. They enjoy travelling to exotic foreign climes and try to arrange at least one serious trip every year. They are planning a return to New Zealand later this year when Matt is hopeful of capturing many more exciting images and also sampling some of the extreme sports for which New Zealand has built such a strong reputation, including the introduction to the mass market of such carefree pastimes as bungee jumping. Their visit started on North Island with a trip to Tongariro National Park and an opportunity to climb Mount Doom, the active volcano featured – but heavily edited – in the Lord of the Rings series of films. Matt catalogued the trek beautifully with stunning images of the location and the incredible views afforded by the elevation and the walk took them to the Red Crater and Emerald Lake with signs of volcanic steam venting through cracks in the ground. Sadly, a mishap put paid to his photography for the remainder of that outing when Kerry hurt her ankle and required attention. Fortunately, Kerry’s accident was not sufficient to prevent them enjoying the rest of their holiday with a visit to South Island and, again, many more photographic opportunities. Matt suggested that, whilst North Island was more heavily populated and probably closer to the UK in many ways, his preference was for the more dramatic vistas of South Island with its 100 mountains, including the highest and most famous Mount Cook.

If that was a sample of your travel photography, Matt, we look forward to seeing more of your journeys abroad.

Many thanks to Jeremy and Matt for creating a very enjoyable meeting.