August 19th: A ‘Portrait Shoot’ organised by Ian Bridge.

Ian tells us:

“This week Monday 19th is a practical night and Portraits have come around again, a bit earlier than last year as we had a Christmas tree in the images last time. I have found us some brand-new models, Mark and Sylvia, they are WW2 re-enactors and spend lots of time researching the roles of various uniformed people from the war.

“So the plan is to have the session in 2 halves, with uniform and civvies WRVs and Air warden and then some outfits of the fashion of the ’40s. Plenty of scope to create mono or sepia images. They have modelled for me at my studio and are great fun to work with. They have not modelled for a group, but they have hundreds of photos taken at ’40s weekends around the country.

“Bring a camera I will bring all the lighting kit.”

Sounds like the makings of a good evening.