Sunsets at Thornham

Photographing the sunszet at Thornham can be magical – especially if the tide is exceptionally high in the evening.

Thornham is on the A149 coast road across north Norfolk (and that means you can use the Coasthopper bus – free with bus pass) to get there, or drive – but be very careful where you park in case the rising tide swamps your car.

A pleasant short walk along Staithe Lane, or the Norfolk Coast Path, takes you down to the area of the old coal shed and various tidal creeks with old boats and jetties, moorings and general woodwork. Particularly good for photography are the stakes rising from the water on the northern aspect.

Almost any camera or lens will be fine, but because you will be photographing in the failing light a tripod is pretty well essential. Exposures are likely to go out to 2, 5 or even 10 seconds. That means using your camera timer, or ideally a remote control shutter cable.

Here are one or two pictures taken in July 2018 at Thornham, when the tide was very high.