Competition Rules

  1. General
    1. Members must comply with these rules when entering images into Club competitions.
    2. Those judging images will be invited to take these rules into account when assessing entries.
    3. All fully paid-up or honorary members are eligible to enter club competitions during the relevant Club programme year.
    4. Members are encouraged to enter images taken within the last two Club seasons.
    5. An entry achieving a score of 20 may not be entered for any subsequent competition other than under para.3.8 below. All other images may be entered into other competitions whether or not the original file has been further manipulated.
  1. Entering a Competition – FOR MEMBERS ONLY
    1. PDIs (Projected Digital Images).  Be sure to email your entry by midnight on the set deadline which is the Thursday before the competition unless otherwise specified.
      CHECKLIST for PDIs

      • JPEG (.jpg) image file
      • Quality 10-12
      • Baseline Standard
      • Width 1920px maximum
      • Height 1200px maximum
      • Maximum file size 5Mb
      • Upload by midnight on the Thursday before the competition unless otherwise instructed.
    2. Prints. You will need to bring your mounted prints to the meeting, and also email a JPEG image of each print, which will be projected for the audience to view while the judge assesses your print.
      For the projected images of your prints (please make sure that these appear identical to the prints themselves – allow for print edges hidden under mounts), upload using exactly the same parameters as given above for PDIs, and email them by midnight on the Thursday before the competition unless otherwise instructed.
      Make sure that the title you give your JPEG upload image is the same title as you write on the back of your print.
      For the prints themselves, present each print in or on a mount board exactly 50cm x 40cm  – the mount and image can be landscape or portrait format. These are the internationally recognised mount dimensions for competition submissions. Smaller or larger dimensions may not fit our display rails, and could be disqualified.
      Print your name and the title of your image on the back of each print mount board in the top left corner. Nothing must be written anywhere on the front of the mount.
      Bring your prints to the Club by 7:15pm on the evening of the competition to allow them to be sorted, and previewed by the judge, before we start.

      • Upload JPEG (.jpg) file for each print
      • Upload by midnight on the Thursday before the competition unless otherwise instructed
      • PDI version must look exactly the same as the print
      • PDI version must have the same title as the print
      • Mount must measure exactly 50cms x 40cms (entries not complying will be disqualified)
      • Print your name and print title top left on back of mount
      • Deliver prints to the club by 7:15pm
  1. Trophy Competitions
    1. Lynn News Cup (Architecture). For images that explore the creative organisation of building materials and components in a land- or city-scape, dealing with mass, space, form, volume, texture, structure, light, shadow, materials, etc.
    2. Catleugh Bowl (Portrait). For the best representation of a person or persons. The image might include some or all of the following elements – likeness, personality, mood, employment, interests, environment.
    3. David Whitehouse Shield (Travel/Holiday). For any travel or holiday related photograph.
    4. British Nature Cup. For a photograph of any animal or plant living in Great Britain other than obviously domesticated subjects.
      Processing of the captured image is permissible as long as the original photographic content is not changed.
    5. Triptych Panel Competition. Each triptych, submitted as a PDI, is to consist of three images contained within one digital frame of maximum size 1,920px by 1,200px. Each of the three images must share a common theme.
    6. Pete Mott Cup for images under the general heading ‘Scapes’, as in landscape, seascapes, cityscapes, etc.
    7. Monochrome Cup for images of any subject displayed as monochrome to emphasise the forms, shapes, lines and tones of the subject. Images may be black and white or varying tones of only one colour. Colour popping is not monochrome.
    8. Print of the Year (POTY) and Projected Image of the Year (PIOTY). These two competitions take place at the end of the Club’s programme year. All images achieving a score of 20 in any Club competition from the past 12 months will be entered automatically and, in addition to these images, every member may enter up to 2 prints and 2 PDIs.
  1. Scoring
    1. Competitions will normally be judged by an external assessor, appointed by the Committee.
    2. Each image to be awarded a score out of 20. More than one image may be awarded the same score including, if the judge so determines, a maximum score of 20.
    3. In the event of a themed (trophy) competition, an outright winner must be declared. If multiple images have received a score of 20, the judge will be asked to declare one image as the winning submission.
    4. Judges will be asked to ‘hold back’ high scoring images. It is expected that this will include any images scoring 18 and above and the number of ‘held back’ images is likely to be in the order of 10 to 12 but will, of course, depend on the judge’s assessment.
    5. In the absence of an external judge, images will be scored by members, as arranged by the Committee.
  1. In any dispute regarding interpretation of these Competition Rules the decision of the Committee is final.

Rev. V6.5 July 2019 IB/DA/JR, edit 15 December 2020 DA, edit 07 March 2021 DA, edit 05 May 2021 DA