Books available for loan to members


The club has a small library of photography related books and publications that members may borrow. Please contact our Librarian, Clive Mattson, if you want to borrow something, and it can be brought to a club meeting.

01 Photographing People. A guide to professional lighting techniques and gives insight into the work of contemporary top-class photographers from all over the world.

02 Candid Pictures, Portraits and the Nude. This book will teach you how to take pictures that look fresh and natural. Illustrating the practical teaching points are 350 photographs from some of the world’s top photographers.

03 Basic Studio Lighting. The photographer’s complete guide to professional techniques.

04 Studio Photography in Black and White. Learn to create stunning black & white portraits in the studio.

05 How to Operate a Successful Photo Portrait Studio. Includes: Buying a camera, lenses and accessories; studio lighting techniques; general portrait poses; promotion and marketing.

06 Fetish

07 Secrets of Studio Still Life Photography. The author explains in detail the methods and graphic arrangements used in photographs of food, cosmetics, jewellery and other small products.

08 Erotique Legs

09 Studio Photography – Essential Skills.A highly structured learning approach to the fundamental skills of photography. Theoretical information is mixed with practical advice.

10 Stretch – The World of Panoramic Photography. A guide to the great variety of ways to make and take panoramas.

11 Photo Finish (Creative Ways to Display Your Photography). The book describes techniques that can be used to display photographs.

12 Picture Framing. The guide is designed to show how picture framing skills can be acquired.

13 Printing Special Effects. The book gives unique ideas and advice for adding impact to images. Step by step instructions with in-process photos explain the processes used.

14 Kodak Guide to 35mm Photography

15 Creative Exposure Control. A practical guide to understanding and using exposure in a creative way.

16 Creative Photography. The book presents pictures by focusing on the principles of selection, composition, viewpoint, perspective and light.

17 John Hedgecoe’s Photographer’s Handbook. A Reference Manual of photographic techniques, procedures and equipment. Over 1250 illustrations.

18 John Hedgecoe’s New Manual of Photography. A sourcebook of creative ideas

19 The Digital Photography Manual. An introduction to the Equipment and Creative Techniques of Digital Photography.

20 Photos That Sell.  Details all the different ways of selling your images. Analyses best-selling images for their marketable properties

21 Taking Pictures for Profit. Provides information on how to sell pictures including Markets, Advertising, Tips & Techniques, Self Promotion

22 The Art of Wedding Photography. The book covers everything from finding clients to shooting the event and capturing the heartbeat of the day to selling the wedding album.

23 The Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook 2003. Describes many markets where pictures can be sold including Magazines, Newspapers, Agencies, Greeting Cards, Calendars and Posters.

24 Medium and Large Format Photography. Description of advantages and disadvantages of different cameras and film formats beyond 35mm.

25 Capturing the Night with your Camera. The author describes various forms of illumination that can be used – artificial light sources, available light and electronic flash. Techniques on how to freeze a fireworks display, photograph people at nighttime concerts and football games are included.

26 Photography Yearbook 1983. More than 220 colour and black & white photographs from amateurs and professionals.

27 Wildlife Photographer of the Year (portfolio 12)

28 Better Picture Guide to Travel Photography. Professional approach to landscape, architecture, people and wildlife.

29 Outdoor Photography Viewpoints

30 British Wildlife Photography Collection 1

31 British Wildlife Photography Collection 4

32 How to Photograph Absolutely Everything. Lots of tips and techniques

33 STREET PHOTOGRAPHY NOW. Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren. Thames & Hudson 2011. Definitive work on the latest in street photography.

Items are loaned to members on the strict understanding that they will be well looked after and returned within 3 weeks. If the borrower wants to keep the book for longer, they should contact librarian Clive Mattson as above.